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Bioscience , a wonderful appearance in MEDICA

time:2019-11-19      Publisher:bioscience      Viewer:24次

Local time November 18th 2019 , the International Medical Equipment and Equipment Exhibition (MEDICA) in Dusseldorf, Germany officially opened. With its irreplaceable scale and influence, MEDICA at the top of the World Medical Trade Show. Exhibitors from all over the world showed a large number of the latest world clinical laboratory technology equipment and in vitro diagnostic products. The conference attracted many professionals from the international medical community to attend the conference.


Bioscience participated in the conference with Axceed 260, POCT series products, Axceed P200 and semi-automatic instrument PETECK96-I, which showed the excellent results of Bioscience in the field of in vitro diagnostics.



The Bioscience booth attracted many new and old friends to visit and actively shared the results of the development of inspection technology with international experts and scholars. Participating in MEDICA for many years, provided a broad platform for Bioscience to communicate with the world, and also witnessed the growth of Bioscience.


The four-day MEDICA conference has come to an end. During these four days,  there were many guests at the Bioscience booth, and the global medical journey is still ongoing. Bioscience will also continue to assist in the development of inspection technology and work together to share high-quality products with more people , witnessing more wonderful things together.